“Sound will be the medicine of the future.”

- Edgar Cayce


Crystal Tones Distributor

Austin, TX

Why Crystal Bowls are so profound…

Our entire human body down to our very DNA is crystalline in structure, causing it to respond and resonate with the extraordinary frequencies associated with quartz crystal. The specific harmonic energy that emanates from crystal singing bowls is determined not only by the bowl size and shape, but the combining of pure quartz with other elements including precious gems and minerals. The resulting “Alchemy” tones are nothing short of incredible. And now in this age of awakening, as our fundamental understanding of frequency expands, we know that Alchemy Crystal Bowls are powerful tools for transformation and healing.

That is why quartz singing bowls have become one of the most sought after sonic tools worldwide, and advocated by experts such as Andrew Weil, MD a world renowned author and leader in the field of integrative medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine doctors, Reiki masters, massage therapists, healers and energy practitioners are all incorporating crystal singing bowls into their practices. For centuries, various spiritual traditions have used the power of sound, and acknowledge crystal singing bowls as important tools of entrainment in their sacred practices.

Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls™ are incredibly powerful sonic tools which raise our vibration, bringing profound shifts in consciousness to our lives and to the planet!


I have a beautiful selection of Alchemy Crystal Bowls for you to hear, play and purchase. For appointments, private or group classes please see my services page and for any other inquiries please feel free to contact me. I look forward to playing with you soon!