It All Begins With You

Did you know that you are capable of your own healing? How cool is that!

I'm simply here to support you and hold space for a deeper self-exploration of what is keeping you sick, stuck, or feeling limited. You will learn to embrace life with more love, gratitude and acceptance. Raise your frequency and experience how anything is possible. I am excited to share this journey of self healing with you. You will discover your innate gifts and feel empowered to embrace them and share them with the world!


Reiki/Channeled Light + Sound Healing

Release, Rebalance, Ascend.
Sessions are located in my healing space and are one-on-one. Please inquire about couples sessions.

$125/60 mins. or $190/90 mins.

These sessions combine and integrate high vibrational energy and sacred sound healing modalities for a very transformative and deeply relaxing experience, where one can embody a deeper connection with self and spirit. These sessions are performed clothed and laying down with lots of supportive props. They begin with a brief guided meditation focusing awareness on the body, breath and what is calling to be released and setting clear intentions for a new way of being. These sessions work to enhance the universal energy that flows through the body, raising ones energetic frequency, releasing physical pain, stress, emotional blocks, and subconscious programs, recalibrating to a natural state of balance and harmony in mind, body and spirit.


How to Play Crystal Bowls for Healing

Awaken, Intend, Elevate.
Sessions are located in my healing space
and are one-on-one.

$350/2hrs. $100 credit applied to any bowl purchase. Please inquire about small group classes.

If you are called to work with sound, look no further! I work with healers, yogis, and people of all ages that are on a self healing journey and those with a healers heart. I work to help you develop the necessary skills to play the bowls for personal healing and show you how you can integrate them into your professional practice.

What you will learn... how to play the bowls, both Classic Frosted bowls and Alchemy bowls using various techniques and skills. How to play more then one bowl at a time so you can create harmonics for healing. How to connect and work with the bowls, creating a sacred space for healing. You will also learn the basics of sound healing and how it works and last but not least you will experience the powerful benefits and affects these magical gems have on you energetically.

I have a beautiful selection of bowls available for purchase and love supporting my clients and guiding them on this journey so they find just the right ones for them!


Group Soundbath Healing

Entrain, Release, Renew
Events, Birthdays, Special Gatherings, and Corporate Groups.
45 - 60 minutes
Please inquire for group events and prices.

Photo © Laura Dominguez

A Group Soundbath healing experience is always catered to the group or event’s needs. These sessions begin lying down with supportive props, pillows and blankets, followed by a brief guided meditation to deepen your relaxation, allowing you to focus on breath and preparing your body to receive the transformational benefits of sound.

Different instruments and sonic tools, including Alchemy Crystal Bowls, tuning forks, gongs, chimes and voice will be introduced in succession. Experience brainwave entrainment that allows for deeper levels of relaxation, and access to higher levels of consciousness. Release stress, emotions and physical pain, unlock creativity, gain mental clarity and restore energy flow.

Photo: Jenn Byrne for Barre 3 at Miraval Resort and Spa.

Photo: Jenn Byrne for Barre 3 at Miraval Resort and Spa.

"Not only is Amanda one of the kindest and most caring people I know, but she also has an amazing gift which she happily shares and it has improved my life physically, emotionally and spiritually."

-Mike M

 "Amanda is a gifted healer with an angelic presence. Having known her for several years, she brings an uncommon sweetness to all her interactions. She sees the divine presence in all of creation — her clients, friends, animals, plants etc. and operates from the heart. She’s highly intuitive and talented. It is a pleasure and gift to know her and experience her soundbaths and Reiki. She is a true blessing to the world."

-Nisha K.